Ronald Othneil Seymour (born March 18, 1954), better known by his stage name Willin Prophet is an award winning musical artist, keyboard player, songwriter, producer, and composer. Willin Prophet was born into a family of musicians on the sunny Turks and Caicos Islands in the British Westin Indies.  Willin Prophet as a child was known in the islands as Neil Seymour.  Neil started out singing in a Baptist church choir at the age of 12 and was learning how to play the guitar and the organ.  While in the Boy Scouts he also started learning to play trumpet.  Along with writing poems and performing in plays for the church he continued to broaden his horizons of becoming comfortable being in the spotlight.  After relocating to the U.S. he brought his brother Leon Seymour from the Turks and Caicos Island to Inglewood, California where he resided in 1980, and later sent for his other two brothers Bernard and Vernon Seymour during the summer of 1981 when the group Willin Prophets was formed that same year. They began by performing at one of the biggest festivals in Southern California “The Traditional Bob Marley Day Reggae Road Block” on February 6, 1982 at Macarthur Park in Los Angeles and have continued to perform in various venues including college campuses throughout the west coast.

Willin Prophets made their commercial debut in 1983 with the release of “Innocent Man” and “Unity” from the album “Dreadness”.  These two songs were widely received by the reggae music market.  In 1987 the release of “Resurrection” spotlighted Neil “Willin Prophet” Seymour’s array of talents.  Not only as a lead singer but also as a songwriter, producer, and composer one of his particular songs “Pressure” moved the people of Turks with an unforgettable beat.  The conscious raising of “Tribute to Jags McCartney” was dedicated to the first Chief Minister James Alexander George Smith McCartney’s poignant chronicle, and controversial death of the Turks and Caicos Island’s political figure.  Along with the remix of “Reggae Music” the album “Resurrection” raises consciousness and spiritual energy throughout the Islands.

Willin Prophet continued to play during the 1990s with a group called “Imperial Force” that was based in Tampa, Fl.  They performed at many venues such as the Hilton Hotel in Clearwater, Fl., various restaurants in Panama City, Fl., Yubor City, and the Tampa, Fl. Christmas tree lighting in 1993 as well as many other reggae events throughout the state of Florida over a five year period.  Since the untimely death of Willin Prophets bass player Bernard Seymour also known as Naddy in 1988 Willin Prophet continued to record and produce music as a member of ASCAP.  He created his own label “Rydem Records” and publishing company entitled “Seymour Tribe”. In January 2016, Willin Prophet won the award for “Best Reggae Song” with “Turks Island Love” at the Academia Music Awards. In March 2016, Willin Prophet won the award for “Best reggae song” with “Musical Junky” at the Academia Music Awards.

Willin Prophet maintains to strive to reach out to the people of the Turks and Caicos Island with the release of “Turks Island Love”.

                   National and International Appearances

*   “The Irie Heights”  Los Angeles, Ca.                                                         April 4, 1982
*   “Freedom Fighters of Namibia In South Africa”   CSU Riverside, Ca.    May 15, 1982
*   “The Irie Heights Night Club”                 Los Angeles, Ca.                        June 4, 1982
*    “The African Market Festival” UCLA Cultural Dept.  Los Angeles, Ca.  June 5, 1982
*   “Happy Time Skating Ring”      Los Angeles, Ca.                                     Aug. 28, 1982
*   “The Comeback Inn”                  Venice, Ca.                                              Aug.      1982
*   “Opening for Peter Tosh at The Roxy”   Hollywood, Ca.                           Oct. 7,  1982
*   “The Two Dollar Bill Bistro”      Hollywood, Ca.                                    April 18, 1983
*   “The Pub” CSU North Ridge, Ca.                                                            April 20, 1983
*   “UCLA Pub”   Westwood, Ca.                                                                   May 1983
*   “Reggae For Cultural Awareness”      Inglewood, Ca.                              May 24, 1983
*   “Kingston 12”      Los Angeles, Ca.                                                            Aug. 6, 1983
*   “The Blue Lagoon”               Marine Del Rey, Ca.                                      Sep. 1983
*   “Jamaica Medical Airlift Support Concert”     Los Angeles, Ca.                Oct. 2, 1983
*   “SWAPO/ANC Benefit Drive at the California Club” Los Angeles, Ca.   Oct. 16, 1983
*   “The On Club”              Silver Lake, Ca.                                                     July 4, 1984
*   “The Central Theater”  South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Island                  Aug.  1984
*   “Evens Inn” Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Island                                      Aug.  1984
*   “Verse Release From Chapter Dreadness on CD                                                  2004
*   “Recording at Colton Studio                                                                                   2010
*   “Resurrection Remix on CD Release                                                                      2010
*   “April Release Video, “Pressure” on YouTube                                             April  2011
*   “TC Free Press: Willin Prophet popular Reggae Artist Music Release    Jan. 19, 2011
*   “TC Weekly News: Willin Prophet Re-release popular Reggae Artist      Jan. 20, 2011
*   “TC Weekly,  Willin Prophet Video review,  Rebecca Bird                        May 5, 2011
*    “Colton Studios, Los Angeles, CA.  Recording Session Rhythm Tracks                 2011
*   “Video Release “Got To Make This Hustle” on You Tube                        May 18, 2013
*   “Release Live Tracks on CD from UCR Riverside “Hustle and Dreadness            2013
*   “Colton Studios, Los Angeles, CA.  Recording Session Multiple Tracks                 2013
*   “Diamondmine Studios, Northridge, CA. Recording Vocals, Final mix                  2014
*   “Diamondmine Studios, Northridge, CA.  Mastering “Turks Island Love”   Jan.  2015

           Radio/Television Interviews and Appearances

*   “KCRW with DJ Roger Stephens”  Santa Monica, Ca.                         Summer of 1982
*   “Radio TRC with DJ Carlie”  Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Island            Aug.  1984
*   “KPFK DJ Ms. Wireway”     North Hollywood, Ca.                                               1986
*   “KXLU with Tamas”   Westchester, Ca.                                                       Feb.   1987
*   “University of Honolulu”    Honolulu, Hawaii                                             March 1987
*   “Radio TRC with Lyn Smith”   Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos                     July   1989
*   “Radio TRC with Rig”              Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos                     Aug.  2004
*   “Tropical Reggae Breeze”                 Provo, Turks and Caicos Island          Sep.   2009
*    “Radio Turks & Caicos Grand Turk interview with host Audley Astwood     Aug. 2003
*    “Radio Turks & Caicos Interview by phone with host Lin Smith                  May   2004
*   “Verse Release From Chapter Dreadness on CD and Release                        2004
*   “Radio Turks & Caicos Grand Turk Interview /Robert Hall (Expression) Sep. 17,2011
*   “Interview PTV Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands with Angie”                  2012
*   “Interview PTV Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands with Angie”                  2013
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