Vona B., is a 23 year old Bay Area native whose passion and natural talent for performing was evident at a very young age. Born in Oakland, CA, Vona B. is an R&B Artist, whose influences range from Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Ari Lennox and Kehlani. Vona B. self-released her debut EP “Down To Mars” in 2016. She then released three singles in 2017: “Running”, “Touch” and “My Way”. Vona B.’s latest release entitled “Pieces” was released in late January 2020 in honor of her brother, RBCBugzy who passed away in late December 2019. A Lover of Life, Vona B., a self-proclaimed “Hippie” strives to make music that makes you move, challenges your thoughts, and lifts your spirit.

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