Upload Your Music Online To Get Discovered

The question that most independent musicians ask themselves is where they should upload music online to be able to reach out to listeners worldwide and attract real fans and followers.

While uploading music online is important for kick-starting one’s music career, doing it through an efficient platform is more essential.

This is where 50djs50states comes into the picture. As we provide aspiring musicians, who are just starting out, with an efficient online platform to upload, share and promote their music to help them catch a major break in the ever-so-competitive music industry.

Platform To Promote Music

Across the globe, there are plenty of musicians who’ve shaped their music career with the help of online platforms. Music blogs, social media sites, etc., can help you spread your music around the world and gain a loyal fan base.

Furthermore, all our services are available at reasonable rates. As we believe that all artists are equal and deserve an equal opportunity to shape up their music career.

Also, artists belonging to different genres can upload their music on our site. Whether you’re a Jazz artist or an up-and-coming DJ, you can easily upload your tracks on our site and give your career a major boost.

Why Select Us

Many artists have opted for our services and have been able to gain a following in the virtual world. As we not only promote new tracks on different social media platforms but also feature them on our website, so that the aspiring artists can get the exposure they need.

If you too are an underground musician waiting to catch his/her break, then you should join our movement to get discovered by countless fans, other talented DJs and major labels in the music industry.


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