Upload Your Music On 50djs50states To Kick-start Your Music Career

In today’s virtual world, it’s become rather easy to share one’s music with the world. However, it is imperative to share your music via trustworthy mediums.

And, 50djs50states provides that platform to aspiring musicians who wish to share their art with the world. We’re an established organization that believes that every talented independent artist deserves to be heard.

Getting discovered by music enthusiasts, other artists in the world and major labels in the music industry has never been this easy.

Promotional Services

Indie artists can opt for a wide range of our promotional services to get their music heard by the targeted audience.

The very first thing an artist needs to do is upload his/her music on our site. There are numerous benefits of doing this. You get to reach out to more than 500k people, gain new and loyal fans who share further share your music with their social circle.

You even get to decide for how long you want to use to promote your tracks. Be it for a month or a year, the choice is all yours to make!

How To Upload My Music

On the submission page, you get a set of services to select from. All these services are available at different price rates; you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Further, you have to select the genre of music and upload your track in mp3 format. Also, you need to share your song artwork to make sure that your track gets the attention it deserves. And, if you have a youtube page then you can share its link as well.

Once you’ve finished uploading your music, you will be directed to the PayPal page for making the payment.

Finish the whole process and sit back while our dedicated team of experts checks your tracks and contacts you.

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