Tommy Homonym, a reclusive singer-songwriter based in the New York area (OK, New Jersey), is a late-blooming artist, in the tradition of Susan Boyle and Grandma Moses. For his new EP, Two Waltzes, Tommy’s music and  lyrics are presented in fresh arrangements by producer John Allen Watts, featuring top-tier jazz musicians. Tommy’s previous work includes the album Uglier Than You, featuring the single “Irresistible,” and covers of REM’s “Let Me In” and Carole King’s “I Feel the Earth Move.” Tommy’s videos, created in collaboration with Texas filmmaker George Wada, include “Irrresistible,” “Heavy Rotation” and “Ride a Wave.” The prizewinning “Ride a Wave” has been popular on the film festival circuit, with screenings in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Dallas, Jersey City, Asbury Park, Muskogee and Lonavla, India.

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