Boy/Girl album of songs by a Chinese woman and an American man 

Jingyu is Chinese, Todd is American — and this is their debut album of original pop-rock duets.

DETROIT, MI — The singer-songwriting team of Todd and Jingyu are sharing their music by giving away all the songs for free at their website: The songs took over 10 years to write and record. The title of this digital-release album is “Find Me Find You: A Story”.

The songs can be enjoyed individually but if one listens in order they tell a fully-integrated narrative on the theme of romantic love…

The album parallels the artists’ own story: both were love-wrecked… then breakdown… reboot… meeting and falling in love… navigating the Chinese/American cultural divide… embracing commitment and exploring universal ideas on relationship… aiming to go deeper.

Press quotes:
“Knocked me sideways when I heard it… there’s such a captivating charm about the music.”
– Sonic Breakfast
“Thoughtful and tuneful… commendable clarity… elegant piano-driven arrangements… a jewel.”
– Jersey Beat
“Unshowy singing and playing reveal the essence of the beautiful melodies & harmonies.”
– Entertainment News, China

Todd Lerner has worked for Rolling Stone and Spin magazines, and his previous album of songs was played worldwide and positively reviewed. Jingyu Yao is from China and has been living in America.

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