TI and Tee(pronounced T.N.T.) are songwriters, producers and a studio music group specializing in the R&B genre and home-based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Ti and Tee markets their music as INDEPENDENT ARTISTS using digital media such as; ITUNES, YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY and AMAZON.COM to name only a few. The Group started writing, producing and performing their own music, as a hobby, over 10 years ago. The Group, over time, amassed a large repertoire of music which they decided to present to the public.

Being a studio group, Ti and Tee never performed live and, consequently, have not developed a large following. The Group, however, achieved some small success through the digital media. The video for one of our tracks named BOOTY ROLL has been view over 70,000 times on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. It has also been selected in the WEEKLY TOP-10 at RADIO AIRPLAY – (https://www.radioairplay.com/music+promotion/top_10_songs?week=31&year=2018).

Recently, the week of 10/13/2018 – 10/20/2018, our track GREENER GRASS was  also selected  to the WEEKLY TOP-10 at RADIO AIRPLAY – https://www.radioairplay.com/music+promotion/top_10_songs.

Ti and Tee is currently in the studio finalizing an album which is expected to be released in the early weeks of 2019. I have included one track from this album named IT’S TIME TO BOUNCE.

The other three tracks; Booty Roll, Greener Grass, and Dancing Girl are taken from an existing album by Ti and Tee. It is named GREENER GRASS and is available at their website, http://www.tntross.com or other media websites like; ITUNES, SPOTIFY, AMAZON, CDBABY  and more.

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