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The Rich Collective is a recording entity created by entertainment attorney Richard Clarvit.  The Rich Collective’s members consist of a variety of artists and performers that Richard has worked with over the years in the music industry.  The common element is that Richard, also known as Rich, wrote or co-wrote all of the songs that the Rich Collective records.  Rich at times also appears as lead vocalist on the recordings. 


The Rich Collective released its first single “Every Friday” in September 2010 featuring the performances of Richard Clarvit and prolific producer, artist, and beatmaker Breezy Beat MC.

For Christmas 2010, The Rich Collective released “Season of Love” to radio and nationwide airplay.  The single was written by Richard Clarvit and Pete Masitti and features the performance and production of artist/writer/engineer/producer Masitti.  Masitti has worked with artists such as Shakira, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Julio Iglesias, Jr.  Upon the release of the single, Clarvit and Masitti were interviewed on Doug Stephan’s Good Day national radio program going out over 350 stations nationwide. 


In March 2011, The Rich Collective released another single written by Richard Clarvit and Pete Masitti and featuring the performance of Masitti.  The song “Living Out Our Dreams” was recorded and produced at Masitti’s West End Studios.

The Rich Collective’s song “Living Out Our Dreams” was featured in the motion picture “The Amazing Wizard of Paws”, now playing on Netflix.


The single “I Ran Out Of Blue” was released in January of 2012 by The Rich Collective featuring a new performer in the group, Ed Terry.  Ed Terry is a producer, composer, vocalist, keyboardist, and percussionist.  Ed Terry has recorded and performed with the likes of Madonna, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, and David Bowie, among many others.


The Rich Collective released in April of 2013 a collection of songs entitled “Long Lost but Remembered” featuring Richard Clarvit and a wide variety of acclaimed and award winning artists, producers, and engineers.  The album, which features songs spanning over a number of years, is an eclectic mix of pop music in a variety of styles both classic and modern. 


The Rich Collective released in November 2013, the piano-based single “Flaking”, produced by Bobby Macintyre.


The Rich Collective released in January 2014, the single “The Truth Is”, featuring the performance of guitarist Bryan Le Mar.  Le Mar has played on several major label releases, performed internationally as well on television on shows such as The Tonight Show and Austin City Limits.


The Rich Collective released in May 2014, the single “Maria”, teaming up again with prolific producer/composer/performer Breezy Beat MC.


The Rich Collective released in April 2016, the single “Share A Smile”, featuring the vocals of Amber Clarvit and instrumental performance of Moses Hazan.  Amber Clarvit is a vocalist and songwriter and has recorded with Grammy-nominated producers SMLE.  Hazan is a Las Vegas-based songwriter and musician and has written and staged musicals in addition to his performing and recording.


Some of the performers on the recording include drummer Joe Galdo who has produced for Gloria Estefan and drummed for Crosby, Stills, & Nash.  Another performer associated with Gloria Estefan was Lawrence Dermer.  Dermer played drums, keyboards, and produced on the album.  Dermer has also worked with a variety of artists over his career such as Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Will Smith, and Diddy.  Galdo and Dermer had both played previously in the latin dance/disco group Foxy.  Lawrence “FORD” Fordyce also played drums on the record.  Over Fordyce’s career he has produced artists such as Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, and Rob Thomas. 


Richard Serotta, who also worked with Gloria Estefan, produced on the album.  Serotta is a Grammy winning musician, producer, engineer, artist and writer who in addition to Estefan, has worked with Ricky Martin, Bonnie Raitt, and Jimmy Buffet.  Joe Stone produced on the album, as well as providing some guitar and vocal work.  Stone has produced and supervised the production of artists such as James Brown and Blowfly.  Alain Salvati, produced on the album as well as played keyboards, bass, and guitar.  Salvati formally played keyboards for Firefall’s greatest hits album.  Local Miami Bass artist, Mohammed Moretta, produced and also played keyboards on the album.  Moretta has worked on record projects with Diana Ross, Gloria Estefan and Carlos Vives among others.


Richard Clarvit sang lead vocal on all of the songs with the exception of “Thank You” and “Every Friday” and was joined by a variety of backing vocalists on the recordings.  The brothers Chuck and Scott Kirkpatrick lent their vocal talents to the album.  Both were former members of Firefall and have played and sang with a variety of artists such as Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, and Chuck Berry.  Miami producer, performer, and songwriter Derrick “Bigg D” Baker provided vocals on some of the album.  Baker himself has produced artists such as Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Chris Brown, and Rick Ross.  Other backing vocalists on the album included members of the R&B group Liberty City.  Kenny Brown, Stanley Harris, Chris White, and Travis Johnston formed Liberty City and appeared on the soundtrack to the film The Wood.  The record also features a rap by veteran Miami Bass production team The Whiz Kids.


The album also contains technical experts as well as artists.  Latin Grammy winning mixer and engineer Cesar Sogbe mixed and recorded on the record.  Sogbe’s credits include working with Jennifer Lopez, Bob Marley, Enrique Iglesias, and Prince.  Engineer Gary Vandy also brought his technical skills to the album.  Vandy is a veteran Miami engineer recording multiple gold and platinum records while also working for films such as Summer of Sam, for television on 60 Minutes, and multiple commercials over his 30 plus year career.  John D. Thomas engineered and played guitar on the album.  Thomas has engineered for Lauryn Hill, Jamie Foxx, and Carlos Vives among many others.  Keith Cohen, who has recorded, mixed, and produced for acts like Prince, Michael Jackson, and Madonna, brought his engineering skills to the album as well.

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