Taj world Records Taj world records is a New Jersey based record company created in 2012. The founder is Luxland, It is an independent label that consist of various artists from different independent music labels based in Nj/NY area, They came together to create a bigger and better force to go against the odds of the industry, with their motto “Failure Is Not An Option” these artists have the same vision and believe about music, their primary goal is to make good music and influence the industry in a very positive manner. The squad is consist of Snake, Js.korner from Street traffic records, Luxland LRG/AV8 Records, Ricky Bless from team Huggz, DC and Flameezy. They all have independent careers but they’ve put aside their independent goals to collectively make an album call Taj world under Taj world records, with street knowledge and musical background this group of artists/musicians bring to you a blend of R&B meets hiphop meets pop with beautiful melodies, their music is a testament of back in the days good feel music with modern flow. The first single from the album is “Freaky secret” release June 18 2017, is a very melodious song with extras from Adina Howard “freak like me” and the fugues

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