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JamesRoss247  started out as the drummer for his band, the band played the local nightclub circuit in his home town.  After the very first show, every show after that was standing room only crowds. The band recieved an invitation from a very famous artist to be his opening act. But the band broke up right  before the shows were set to begin, so he decided to go solo after that. JamesRoss247 desire is to write, and co write songs with other artist, not just  for himself. He feels songwriting is his major attribute. Jamesross247 also plays the guitar and keyboards. JamesRoss247 writes music in the genres of  indie, pop, singer songwrtier.   JamesRoss247 wanted to set the tone for what he is trying to do by releasing  a song that he wrote called (Songs For Every Affair)  From live shows, to writing, co writing, recording,  and producing is his dream. JamesRoss247 already has a hugh inventory of songs that he has written, and he feels he is only just beginning to scratch the surface, for as to how many songs that he feels he will be able to write in the future. And yes, Jamesross247 truely belives that there are lots and lots of songs for (Songs For Every Affair).

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