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Social Robot is a friendly artificial life form that just wants to be polite and play guitar, but is deeply worried about the fate of the universe. It keeps a stiff upper lip about it though. Social Robot’s retro-inspired sophomore album “Outreach Program” features songs about technology, alienation, and hope over synthwave and 80s rock grooves.

  • “Brooklyn band Social Robot’s sophomore album “Outreach Program” brings tapedeck 80s synthwave vibes as vocalist Bayard Russell sweetly skewers the attention economy and data overload” says Nagamag Magazine.
  • “US outfit showcase their debut album with this smooth and sweeping pop-rock delight, with hints of The 1975”, said Mystic Sons of Social Robot’s debut album “The Botz Sessions.”

Social Robot is a sci-folk band based in Brooklyn, led by songwriter and vocalist Bayard Russell.

  • Lead – Bayard Russell
  • Drums – Jason Lang
  • Keys – Dave Florey
  • Guitar – Mike Muller
  • Bass – Andrew Gilchrist-Scott

Social Robot is the musical project of Bayard Russell. Bayard grew up in the suburbs of Indiana, influenced equally by The Beatles and Ice Cube. Classically trained in piano from age four, he discovered the guitar in high school and his passion for pop music blossomed. He moved to NYC after graduating from Dartmouth College with a major in philosophy and a minor in music. He has previously written for and performed with the bands Karess, Clean Slate, Funkelstiltskin, The Very Nerve, Matt Jones Band, Negative Ken, The Botz, Mark from 3A, Blindfolds Five, and Atlantic Animals. He has a solo album “Selftitled” available on CD Baby and iTunes, about which Neufutur Magazine has said, “All that individuals need to do is stick the album in and be placed on clouds of indie rock that will float them along for the better part of an hour.”

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