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My name is Sheila Kendall a nativeof Philadelphia, Pa, I spent of majority of my life writing poetry it all started when living in a womans shelter, many times as i sat in my room writing pouring my heart out on paper releasing deep hidden feelings i couldn’t speak to others about because noone had time to listen.

My poetry has never been about birds and bee’s walking in the park smelling the sweet scent of flowers as people walked by, my upbringing was hard being abandoned by my birth mother when newborn, being left in a sleezy rooming house alone for days with a candle burning by the bed, i was found and taken to my grandmother who received me with open arms and love.

My grandmother who i called mama was a good God fearing woman who scrubbed floors for a living and ran a popular speakeasy, she was well loved and respected by all, my mother was a professional call girl who didn’t give a damn about me. I was taken from my grandmother at the age of seven by my mother and the help of police, it was spite work against my grandmother, my leaving a good clean protected environment  broke my grandmothers heart and sent me into a stroke. i was sexually raped by my older brother and told by my mother she didn’t love nor wanted me the words broke my heart. I buried two children a daughter who passed away in my arms enroute to the hospital in a cab she was three months old and a son who passed away two weeks after birth.

I gave up on life started getting high and sleeping on the streets. I felt alone and not wanted, today i have two living children who are the light of my life. iI know what suffering is all about, I know what having a broken heart is about, I know what rejection is all about and lost.

I have so much love to share with the world, I always prayed for unity and love. I love you with all my heart, let’s join together bringing peace.

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