My beloved brethren and sister, I know so many people are curious to know more about me, anyway music in self is other ways of interpreting a word and it is also a way of speaking peoples mind, ect. to me full definition of music is life.

I started music life right from my birth root, and i can still remember when i was so very young i always go closer to a man in my neighborhood that was so very good playing instrument so right from that time music as always be part of me…and i don’t think i can stop singing, music is life and i believe my is talent from jah. And don’t want to talk about the education side…… thanks for your understanding. I started fully working in a standard studio in year 2002 wish it was like a miraculous to me but to others it was not like that , yes is funny whenever i go to sleep i wake up with a song it was that particular time that i know that jah is absolutely going to speak through me to is people so whatever i do today all glory belongs to jah for they now that is all i can tell about my self thanks for your understanding

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