Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Sahr Issa discovered his love for music at the tender age of nine. He spent most of his time playing keyboards and the guitar and played the piano for his local church.

Sahr Issa spent many years producing for local groups, but once the rebel war began, he left Sierra Leone and took his talent as a producer to neighboring countries. After the war, Sahr Issa returned to Sierra Leone, built his studio and founded his record label, Stress INC. His debut album “Afro Tongue” included two hit singles in Sierra Leone ‘Lover Boy, Lover Girl’, and ‘Tumba’, which can be proclaimed as Africa’s answer to the “Cha Cha Slide.”

Now Sahr Issa is back with his new album “Vibrate” with a style that he says is a blend of Afro Dance Hall & Hip Hop and the lead single “Stability”.

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