A Refreshing Sound With A Bright Musical Appeal!  Centered In  R & B Flavor Surrounded By Soulful Lyrics and Empowered With clever word-play rap lyrics. It’s That New SOUND You’ve Been ‘Waiting’ For!!!

What a great EP / Album from the very first note the project takes you on a new vibe-ride filled with powerful R & B ,Soulful & Rap Sounds. A NEW Brand of Sound and a NEW groove for the listener, even though the song titles say ‘Black’  and speaks of heritage these songs will be heard and jammed to by all races. It has the feel of instant greatness , an instant classic!

ENJOY the sensual love song ‘I’m Coming’  which cements you love for the CD by the time the chorus played. Randy “B”, says ‘this is what I want my power ballads to do; show emotion, passion and power!”.

1- Black King (Radio Version)
2- I’m Coming
3- My Black King (Epic Tribute Black Panther)
4- I’m Coming (Rap by Grefezzy)
5- Black King (In-Plugged)
6- Black King (Xplicit Lyrics)

From beginning till end of this CD there is no putting it down or turning it off.


Thank you so very much for listening to our music!. Damascus Records is a Registered Professional Recording & Publishing Company, and a Member of ASCAPS & BMI Publishing Companies. Paying tribute to the ‘proud’  black race their  Black Kings and the strength showcased in the recent success of the Black Panther Movie. The “My Black King” Tribute” song will uplift a new generation in their pride and their Black Heritage that can change their world-view, and better their lifestyle.
Damascus Records & Publishing, Inc. is a non-profit organization and proceeds from the sales of the BLACK KING album/CD will go to help the ‘poor-rural-at-risk- children in northeastern north Carolina with tutoring, STEM, MATH/READING and Character Education, as well as food/ hot meals/nutritional services.

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