For historical reference ‘Born Under The Clock’ means one was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and this lifelong friendship of Singer/Songwriter Raggs Gustaffe & Producer/Songwriter/Author Sonny Cole was born in Kingston, under the Half-Way-Tree Clock.

A lifetime ago a bunch of friends while sitting under an Almond Tree playing Domino’s, drinking juice and listening to music, an idea was born to exercise their musical talents.  Out of the birth came the production “Only One Star In My Life” on 45 RPM.

But sometimes gumption has to take a back seat the reality of the moment.

Life had other ideas like the raising of kids, other responsibilities and a career to support those thing.

Now the fullness of time has matured and here we are..just in time to fulfill desting.

New release “Lips On You” off the EP Album “Born Under The Clock” Because we are..tick-tock, tick-tock

“Lips On You” is currently #1 on the Reverbnation Charts




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