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Huntsville, AL 35816, United States
Wayne Boutin aka DJ Wayne Michael began djing in February of 2016. Wayne has been in the music business for about 15+ years. He was making rap music and promoting his own music to the world. After some situations he said that DJing is the only thing you hasen't done in music. Almost a year now he has over 10 mixtapes out and working on his mixtape series entitled "Highway To Forever". He's a DJ for his own entertainment company "8760 Entertainment". Also apart of the Nerve DJs Coalition and a DJ Crew based in Huntsville, AL, Mix Masters Pradeje! He also is apart of Coast2Coast DJs and looking to get more notice to his name and style.
(@1djwaynemichael) / Facebook (@djwaynemichael) I'm also on IG (@djwaynemichael)
$75Per Hour 300 For a night.
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