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SOLD HIS MOMS POETRY FOR FOOD, NOW, PRINCE LIT POETICALLY FEEDS HIS MUSIC: WITH A NEW SOUND HE IS AN UPCOMING ARTIST: We all have that inner voice whispering, shouting, or just asking a “salt in the wound” type of question; is what we are doing or have done over the past number of years, worth it? Were the struggle, pain, and tears worth it? The only answer came from other questions: was value discovered and applied? Did growth come forth? Did we transcend what we could not control by training ourselves? Unsigned artist, Prince Lit, takes us on a journey of life’s hard questions and its even harder answers. His answer? His music. Prince Lit, Colorado native and lyrically inclined, started rhyming at age 6. He found passion and nourishment of both written and spoken word by way of his mother’s poetry. That passion carries over into his struggle to victory and his music. That same passion also breeds witty similes and metaphors in his rhymes along with ear stimulating verses and adlibs. Musical paint splashes eardrums, so much so you’ll discover paint brushes sprouting from your ears as soon as you remove the headphones. Prince Lit’s musical influences are Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. With advice, mentorship, and encouragement from DJ Kush and Top Flight Empire, Prince Lit continues to grind hard, so hard in fact, he makes grindstones look like Swedish models performing shoulder rubs. He’s worked with Cheff Premier and actively works with DJ Kush. Some of the recording studios where he has slathered his bars with saliva are KMG Studios and Decibel Garden Studios; both Denver, Colorado recording studios. Prince Lit performed his first concert at (City Hall, on February fifteenth, 2015). LAMBSTER Entertainment publishes him.

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