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The Original BlackIce / B.I.Blillz  

Original BlackIce Influences and interest becoming an artist in the entertainment  began with music and dancing at the age of 8 years old performing with his family members at local community events and talent shows, which inspired him to take his talent further. Original BlackIce also gained his inspiration from his child neighborhood, raised in the Queensbridge Housing. Which is well known to have numerous of local artist and talent that became successful and established within the Entertainment industry. As an Independent Artist of many years, traveling instinctively, performing, conducting online radio and Interviews, and social media. Original BlackIce continues today to establish many of his great songs, music writing potentials throughout his musical life. Still today he is currently creating, writing, molding and establishing new music. He continues his mission today celebrating new music perfecting his craft introducing the world to his new clothing line, now merging onto the footwear industry design- ing his exclusive brand NEW sneaker with Alive shoes name ‘BLILLZ’ which became staff pic that is now online.

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