Stand UP for World Peace

One World 1 Love “featuring” Guylaine
Winner Best Pop EP

‘One World 1 Love’ has that ineffable magic which characterizes the best EP’s to herald from what many now concede is the hardest genre to command; this artist has a huge future ahead in pop.’

Akademia Award Winner One World 1 Love to be honored at the 2018 Gala Event in Los Angeles!

Join One World 1 Love on iTunes for Change, help inspire people from around the world to come together through music.

Love knows no boundaries and is accepting of us all
“It is important that in these troubled times we honor our own self-respect, Announcing One World 1 Love’s recording of
“What the World needs now is Love”

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We are the World.
One World 1 Love, together as 1, for World Peace


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