Barbadian born rapper Nitro EvaHype (Ramon Cameron) has a point to prove…and he is proving it!
Hailing from the island of Barbados, affectionately known as the Rock, Nitro has been releasing a steady stream of award winning music in the local, regional and international markets.

Nitro Evahype’s style is a combination of Hip Hop, Dancehall, R&B and Pop. Listen as he effortlessly blends the genres to create a sound of his own. Nitro EvaHype shows versatility and range beyond his years and speaks on what he knows best – social commentary. He verbalizes the struggles of a Caribbean Hip Hop artist, while not forgetting the ladies.

Working out of Barbados’ premier studio, Triple E Studios,  Nitro Evahype has been shaping his sound with the guidence of his talented Producer Strat Carter.
Nitro Evahype has been covered in the local and regional press, including Barbados’ leading newspaper “The Nation” and has a major online fan base through his Nitro Muzik youtube channel. His exposure has expanded internationally through websites including XXL Mag, Global Grind, Shadyville Caribbean all of which have showcased his music.

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