NexXzit, (pronounced next exit), is Marguerite aka Margo, Michael aka Ge’down, and Ron aka Rio. We are Producers, Musicians, Songwriters and Performers. Our originality and creativity are attributes of our natural and acquired talents and lots of hard work. Our style of music is R&B, Soul, Rock and Funk.  We are “Eclectic” combining many musical styles and genres. We refuse to be limited to one style or sound. Our ambition is to create songs that appeal to all music lovers listening ears. Check us out, and have a good time!

Thanks for your continued support.

Our group motto is:
“What lies behind us and before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
If original R&B, Rock, Funk, Soul and Jazz were an expressway – you would have to take the “NexXzit”!


Marguerite “Margo” Bruce, produces, sings lead and background vocals, along with being an accomplished lyricist, songwriter and vocal arranger. She also plays keyboards in recording sessions.

Michael “Ge’down” Brown, produces, plays lead, rhythm and bass guitars, sings lead and background vocals, play keyboards, engineers, mixes, composes and arranges.

Ron “Rio” Rivers,  produces, plays drums, keyboards, composes and arranges.

Studio Musicians:

Bass Guitar: Adrian “Egg” Norton

Keyboards: C. Wayde Bryant

Percussions: Steve Perkins, J Rocn Ron Butler, Rodney Roc Simpson

NexXzit “Stop, Take It, Don’t Miss It” 06/2005,

NexXzit “No U Turn” 11/2010

Marguerite “Turnin Toxic” 07/2014

NexXzit “I Hear Your Melo” Single 09/2015

NexXzit “Happy Holiday Too You” Single 11/2015

NexXzit “Conspiracy” Single 09/2016

NexXzit “Smarter Than Me” Single 01/2017

NexXzit “Songs Along The Way” 11/2017
ParkwaySouth Records
Produced by: NexXzit.

Recorded and Mixed by: Michael “Gedown” Brown
Executive Director: Tina Bey
[email protected]

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