Wrote and Produced my first two songs, “She’s A Woman” and “She’s Doin Wrong” ,  with a band called 180 Square Miles in 1972.

We decided to be an Independent and to deal with Independent distributors.

My sincere thanks to Harold Jackson in New York City, and Mighty Jody in South Carolina who were the first to play my records.

From there we were represented in Mississippi, Alabama and in Tennessee. And in other areas that allowed me to go on tour and make a little money to do my third and fourth records which were Offer You Can’t Refuse and Mugged by Love.

I was then and still am now an Independent.

I still own and operate PKspecial Records

The music never received the clout it really deserved.

We did another song called Rockin and Reelin which was done by Nate and Ruby

This song is still very much in demand and can be found on the internet for as much as $100 a song.

The reason I decided to do music – I was in a recording studio in New York City doing my private thing.

A gentleman pulled me to the side and said “You do not have the right to keep this music to yourself.

I can still hear my friend Robert Earl in Poughkeepsie, New York saying to me as if he said it yesterday, you must do your music

I feel I must represent all of my friends that have left us now – such as Bird from the Intruders, Fred from the Intruders and so many other friends I met in the music industry

So I decided to do this 12 song CD to give people an opportunity to hear what I have been holding in for the last 20 years.

The name of the CD is “Ride With Me.”

Enjoy my music and Ride With Me down memory lane.


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