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Valdez Charles LeFrere Jr is an ageless artist who was born in the mystical Jazz capital of New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in the Mile-High City of Denver, Colorado. 

He developed a love for the arts early on in his life and embraced his creativity which included drawing and music. He expressed his musical talents very young playing the drums in elementary school and homing in on the excitement of the craft by rocking to the music created by one of his biggest idol Prince. Valdez expanded his gifts as he developed a new skill on the turntables DJing by the age of 15. 

Taking his love for music to an even higher level he began writing his own music in the spring of 1992.  By 1993, he stepped into the hip-hop revolution and started rapping with his first live performance in 1995.

Music still had a hold of him when relocated from his childhood home to Houston, Texas in 2003 with his family.

It was then that both professional and musical opportunities presented themselves and he answered the call.

The positive outlet of expression that music provides continues to push Valdez aka Mr. Groove, Groove the Boss and Charlie Hoover forward.

He has released the commercial albums: Boss Muzik 2012 and Cooked Raw Volume III in December 2018 as well as the mixtapes: Cooked Raw volume I & II.  He can also be found on the Dankside Allstars by B Black, Ohso the album by Ohso, Tension by 800 The Jewell, Thug Bizniz by Semi-Auto as well as many more collaborations.

Mr. Groove released his 3rd full length feature “Independent King” on December 27, 2019.  This release has been well received in Hip Hop circles with the lead single “Hate To Love It feat B. Touch” receiving airplay.

Groove also has the 2nd installment of the Boss Muzik Trilogy “BM2: The Rise Of Charlie Hoover” released on June 19th 2020 containing the hit singles Customs and Duffle Bag

Coming out of the covid lockdown Groove was back into the studio working on the last installment of the Boss Muzik trilogy entitled Boss Muzik III: Finito.  This is a 2 volume set.  The first volume was released on November 4, 2022 with the second volume to follow before the years end.

He describes his style of rap as passionate, witty and majestic with vivid depictions of the urban experience that is seasoned with his raw emotion in every song.  His music appeals to the lyrical lovers of hip-hop while educating listeners of the societal issues that affect us all.

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