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New York is the “Concrete Jungle” where dreams are made. Hip Hop is
the New York birthed culture that was the catalyst for other regions to follow suit
as they took note of the pulse of the city. New York has been the conduit to ignite
the powder keg of artists who continue to erupt from that match. The atmosphere
of New York reeks of grind and hustle and the energy and history of the city
captivates you to rise.

Mr. Bonnet is another Phoenix from that rises. Being a product of a New York
automatically gives you distinct DNA that’s filled with grind, hustle, and
determination to succeed. Mr. Bonnet’s goal is to make music for the masses
that not only understand the struggle but understands the realisms that
accompany them. A bad hair day is how Mr. Bonnet received his unusual
moniker. It happened by chance and it stuck from there.

His favorite quote speaks volume and is Microphone drop worthy; “You don’t
need 1,000 ideas to make a great dream, turn one great idea into 1,000 dreams”.
One of a few artists with no pen to pad, everything comes from the center. Mr.
Bonnet’s environment was the landscape; and the lyrics became his “mural”. His
music can be described as “poetry” behind closed doors that’s been translated from prose to a vocal
expressive message of hope, inspiration and the will to inspire and survive.

The days of stereotypical rappers and what they’re supposed to represent are
open to interpretation thanks to artists like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Every
artist has a story to tell; how you weave your tale is what’s going to set you
apart from the rest. Mr. Bonnet’s lyrics exude passion, pain and the struggle of
the inner city of his personal diary of what was, what is, and what will be.
Tragedy often parallels you into two different directions, up or down. The loss of

his younger brother sparked a fire inside of him that simmers daily. Mr. Bonnet
doesn’t take success lightly.

In his music, you will always find an authentic passionate message in real time.
His delivery is laced with the lyrical ease of a seasoned professional.
Mr. Bonnet’s releases to date are entitled “Love Bonneto,” “Break Mode,” and “Loyalty”
are available on all digital formats.

Mr. Bonnet carries his city on his back. The genuine love he gets back in return
has been incredible to date. He is seeking worldwide recognition, and his goal is
to attain it one fan at a time. With determination and allegiance to the grind, this
rising star will definitely get there.

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