Mooremantic, a reggae recording artist and lyricist, was born in Kingston, Jamaican—the ninth of ten children. He showed promise as a creative writer from an early age, and spent much of his time writing poetry and stories. After graduating from high school and working in facility maintenance, Mooremantic came to the United States and worked as a public safety officer.

Moved by the music of reggae artists such as Ecco Minot, Michigan and Smiley, Junior Ried, Jimmy Cliff and Shabbat Ranks, he realized he could turn his poetry and stories into reggae music. He taught himself keyboard, and since his twenties has been spreading his stories locally, knowing that somewhere his songs will move others as reggae first moved him years ago.

Mooremantic currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he is pursuing a career in music. His introductory song is called “Hold Up Your Head.”

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