Born in Illinois to teenage parents, Vic “Made4victory”Thompson had a natural interest in music. A “latch key kid”, Vic spent formative years blacked out with classic tapedeck legends, DJ’s and CD mixtapes. From N.W.A storylines to Wu-Tang anthems and LL love songs,he immersed himself in the imagery to forget the drab surroundings of the city or peer pressure faced when being the “new kid” in the neighborhood. So, the desire to start taking the words being kicked around in his head during these experiences became easy to do and expanded them to concepts with hooks and wrote raps for his friends in college. This skill has been the anchor to the “Made4victory” brand to this day, as he continues to grow as a writer, producer and recording artist.

Made4victory is poised to provide a new energy and maturity for the culture. Whether acknowledged or not, he continues to not only elevate his life but his craft.The product of his creativity and hard work emanates through his soul and passion for others and himself to release timeless projects. The only mission remaining is to become a mainstay and solidify a legacy.

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GENRE: Hip-hop, Spoken Word, Soul

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