About the Artist:
From the time Joyce was a child singing at her father’s ( the late Minister David Cobb Sr.) church, through the time she spent in grade and high school doing talent shows and school dances and as she became a young woman, who led the choir at the church that she was a member, singing as a guest artist for other major churches and now as a mature spiritual woman, Joyce’s love for music was never ending.

Her musical influences were artist like Aretha Franklin, Shirley Caesar and others like Vanessa Bell Armstrong. After singing other artist’s songs for some time, she began to envision lyrics and music on her own with the help of God. Joyce could not play a musical instrument, so she sang her songs the way she felt they should sound like. In 1984, she met and later married Brian R. Sirois, whom to her delight played guitar and drums.

Brian had been playing drums since he was 11 yrs. old. He played in different bands all through grade and high school. He started learning how to play guitar all the while he was playing drums with different groups. He began to fill-in with guitar on different occasions and became a accomplished guitar player. He started to write songs of his own and when Joyce and Brian met, it became apparent that they had a great combination.

Combining her lyrics and musical ideas with his talented songwriting, they began to write songs together. Brian, then contacted Thomas Nawrot, who played with him in several different bands when they were younger. Tom, a master musician (guitar, bass and keyboards) and a master at recording began his career as a young man, also playing in quite a few groups including a couple with Brian. He studied music theory in college and went on to becoming an accomplished musician. He agreed to work with them on their first Cd single (Hold On To God ) and their music was complete.

They are now working on a album together and should be released in the near future. All of them were out there when they were young trying to get their musical careers off the ground, but it became evident when they a got together later that it was their destiny to form all of their musical talents and abilities for one spiritual purpose. That purpose was to spread the word of God, Our Almighty Father, through their music and whenever they spoke to other people about their testimonies and trials that they went through as they grew up.

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