Jon Fledge (Jonathan W. Kim) is a Los Angeles-based, Alternative R&B and Electronica artist. His music fuses honest lyrics, experimental electronic production, and soft rhythms to create downtempo songs that cap off the night.

His first album, SMILE (2017), paints stories of love, loss, and discovery, perfect for the drifting mind. It was written to serve as a gateway to his conflicted yet optimistic outlook on life. Within the first few months of release, he has already been featured on multiple college radio broadcasts.

Jonathan picked up his first instrument at an elementary after-school program where he learned to play the piano. Before entering Loyola High School, he witnessed a string ensemble play pop music with such fun energy that it influenced him to pick up the violin as well. Jonathan would perform at solo recitals and orchestral performances throughout his younger years, and his friends and family started to notice he had a fondness for performing music.

However, the lessons he received were not to his liking. The music he preferred mostly consisted of Hip-Hop and R&B. As he attended UC Berkeley, he started manufacturing his own beats and instrumentals to rap and sing on. Over the next several years, he would pick up the guitar and listen to more influences to develop his sound production and songwriting. During his final business trip in 2016, he knew that he could not focus on anything but music. Thus, he quit his engineering job in Silicon Valley to move back to Los Angeles, CA, where he pursues his passion now.

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