(Edison, NJ – January – 19, 2018) My Own Little World Records proudly announces the release of the offical video for February (Feat. Tauree), the latest single from The Great Escape, the critically acclaimed album from John Van Ness.  The video is produced and directed by Joshua Van Ness, who also appears in the video and plays drums on the track. February features Van Ness’ signature warm jazz guitar tones and the smooth voice and harmonies frp, Neo-soul neophyte, Tauree.


“February is a personal favorite from this album for many reasons,,” said John.  “This song has been in my mind for about 8 years and I’ve almost given up on it several times. I re-tracked this song several different times and then kinda moved on from it.  Years had passed and my brother, Josh stumbled upon an old take I sent him with an electronic drum kit and he asked to record a live kit on it,” John explained,.


“Josh’s drumming really brought the song back to life.  “A couple years later I ran into the right vocalist, Tauree, and the song finally took the shape that I had always envisioned but could never quite obtain on my own.”


You can view the video for February on YouTube:



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