JOE BLIND….not new to the game real name Ronnie Small aka R J Small born in the BRONX, NY grew up in South Side Jamaica Queens, NY. Been around and worked with some of the best producers and artist such as Teddy Riley, Marly Marl, Leroy Burgess, Rodney Jenkins, Keith Shockley, Roy Ayers, Alicia Keys, Keyboard Money Mike, Producer SILK, Bert Price, Dinky Bingham, Eric Cody and any one I forgot believe I Apologize, so many good influneces in my beginnings of my musical journey. Cutting the Bio short I now reside in Stone Mountain GA working on projects with older brother of ENTERTAINERS 155 (formly known as EBC) Gusto on ROOFTOP RECORDS COMPILATION some songs recreated and produced by R J Small for soundtrack to movie ROOFTOP Skate back in the pologrounds 155 st times (COMING SOON)! Also songs from LEGGACY, JEEVAN and more up and coming plus popular artist. My production is MUSIC rather its instruments, playing the keyboards or programming I make MUSIC of all Genre. So check for me!!

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