Atlanta-basedsinger-songwr iterandNBC’s TheVoiceveteran,JeanKelleyreleasesthemusicvideotoherfirst single “Stacking Stones,” fro m her new Stacking Stones EP. Pop Dust raves, “ Jean Kelley throws every ounce of grit and soul she can muster into h er new track Stacking Stones.” Raw, powerful vocals, an energizing beat and a rhythm driven chorus form the framework of her tenacious and optimistic single. The visuals for the video draw you into a compelling story of a woman chased by what she perceives to be a danger, only to find out things aren’t quite what they seem.

The Nashville native’s sound draws inspiration from her Americana roots and pop music influences. In spite of a life of financial hardship and the tragic loss of her mother, Kelley held onto her childhood dream of becoming a singer. It wasn’t until she moved to Atlanta that she began to showcase her soulful, sultry vocals and began performing covers and angsty pop/rock originals, inspired by her own adversity, around the city. While searching for her niche in the music industry, Kelley took a chance on an audition for season 7 of The Voice in 2014. Attracting the attention of all four judges, Kelley ultimately made it to team Pharrell’s Top 5. After her performances on the show, Kelley met with several record labels and decided that the best way to get her music and message out without compromising her artistic integrity would be to do so independently. She created a Kickstarter campaign asking for support. Inspired by Kelley’s call to action, friends and fans alike were able to raise $40,000 for the reco rding and promotion of Stacking Stones. The daring debut is named for the challenges and hurdles Kelley has had to overcome both as an artist and individual.

Jean Kelley takes influences from her past experiences to pave a new, unique sound for herself while looking to inspire hope and determination with her powerful lyrics. Keep up with Jean Kelley as she plans the release of her debut EP featuring her empowering single “Stacking Stones.”

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