If you ever have the pleasure of talking with Jasmine Seabron for more than 30 seconds you will undoubtedly be intrigued by this 23 year old. The Atlanta born native instantly weaves you into her world of curiosity, extraordinary wit, and her unconditional love for Jesus Christ. Her distinctive style astounded the audience as well as the host during her performance on Showtime at the Apollo. She also delivered an unforgettable rendition of, what was not initially slated to be releases as the first song from her first CD (All I Need). However, Jasmine sings it with such immense energy until it seems appropriate to release it first.

A singer and anointed minister since the age of four, Jasmine stands about 5ft. 4in, but her immeasurable conviction and her strong faith go far beyond “once in a while faith”, she lives by her beliefs daily. Although physically blind, her spiritual vision projects wisdom beyond her years. It is her spiritual journey that is reflected through her powerful, yet comforting voice. Jasmine unveils her love of life and her ability to overcome any obstacle.

Her performances provide a glimpse of her courage, strength, and confidence. Her gift of “stirring souls” through her music and ministry is a testament of blessings. This is evident in the lyrics from There for Moses, a gospel ballad co-written by Jasmine. The song is a reminder of all that God has done and will continue to do for us, said Jasmine.

Jasmine attributes her early learning about the power of God to her grandmother/mother, Dr. Theresa Stokley, who she has lived with since birth. Inspired by Gospel performers, Shirley Ceasar, Vicki Winans, The Gospel Caravans, and quartet singers, she began singing publicly at the age of 4. She performed with Vicki Winans for the Dr. Martin Luther King celebration in Detroit and sang at the benefit luncheon in Tuskegee to help raise money for the Black churches affected by burnings. Jasmine was called into the ministry to carry the “Good News” through the preached word of God, in 2000, since then she has travelled through out the United States, from some of the largest churches to the smallest. She has appeared before former presidents and other prominent figures. During her touring with Universoul Circus, she performed at a benefit dinner for President Nelson Mandela. Her accomplishments are too many to number.

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