Auckland Vocal Duo Iveta & Simone Unveil New Single ‘She Used To Be Me’

Smooth ballad underscores heartache and freedom

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, May 12, 2020 – Auckland, New Zealand, bombshell vocal duo Iveta & Simone have announced the release of a smooth new single, “She Used To Be Me”on May, 29th, which outlines heartache and freedom from a woman’s perspective.

Iveta & Simone is an award-winning duo known for their contemporary soulful sound that’s been heard in highly acclaimed singles such as “PSYCHO BABY”, “Weeping”, “L.O.V.E”, and “More Than A Man”.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Iveta & Simone haven’t been touring, but they have been staying active by engaging their fans and followers through Facebook. They’ve also been spending time in the studio, working on new music and ideas. Once the duo is able, they’ll be back on the road and headlining shows in New Zealand.

When they take the stage again, Iveta & Simone will have a new song added to their playlist. “She Used To Be Me” is a poignant ballad about love gone awry, bringing out the misery and the need for breaking away that so often comes with heartbreak.

In the chorus, Iveta & Simone belt out “I’ve gotta be free from all the pain now, she used to be me”, words that resonate in the heart of anyone who has come from a relationship to see the other person move on first.

“She Used To Be Me” will be available for streaming and for purchase through major digital platforms, as well as at the Iveta & Simone website. At the website, all of the duo’s other singles are also available, as well as music videos and more.

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About Iveta & Simone

Iveta & Simone are New Zealand’s edgy female vocal duo taking the region by storm with tracks such as “Weeping”, “More Than A Man”, “ L.O.V.E.”and the newly released “PSYCHO BABY”.


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