“Every note they play make one feel better” Papa Far-I, Culture Yard International

Olympia, Washington’s original Reggae-Fusion group High Ceiling, celebrates the release of “Easy”, their 3rd studio album since breaking onto the Northwest music scene in 2004.

“Easy” is the band’s most complete album to date and shows High Ceiling’s ability to dedicate their songwriting to the Reggae genre, while infusing it with many other styles.  Unique songs filled with conscious and good-times lyrics, stellar performances, and diverse instrumentation are all in play on “Easy”.  Rhythms and melodies are rooted in organ and guitar; individual songs include diverse musical flavors of ukulele, Weissenborn slide guitar, melodica, saxophone, flute, and group vocal harmonies.  From the grooving “It’s Easy”, to the roots-reggae “Take a Sip” and ska-styled  “Same Thing Twice”; on Easy, every track is upbeat and enjoyable!

Turn it up!

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