Contact: Henry McKenzie  [email protected]  912 230-9920.

Henry McKenzie produced this album himself. It took him 3 years to write the songs and do the prodction work on the sound tracks.

The master tapes went to storage in 1986.  In 2012 Henry recovered the master tapes and felt compelled to finish the project that he promised Godthat he would accomplish.  Henry is not a well know producer and he has no albums or awards to seak of at all.

The master tapes were so old at that time, the machine was no longer available to pull the master tracks.  After much prayer and searching, a company in California was able to pull the master tracks from those tapes.  So, the journey began again.  The remix started in 2012 and continued to 2019. 

Henry felt compelled to continued to push for this project to be completed. And now, even though he has become an old man, Henry was able to release this project 9/19/2019.  It is a celebration of the human spirit.  A celebration of faith that prayers will never come back empty.   

Against all odds, Henry persevered and was faithful in his passion to finish “Rites of Passage.”  Please, celebrate this milestone with Henry.  He is now 65 years old.   This project is a true miracle and deserves to be heard.  The spirit of God will minister to you beyond measure.

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