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Hamapple formed in Long Beach, California in 2016 with the desire to unleash their style of classic Southern California Punk Rock upon the world. The band consists of former members of The Vandals, Slapshot, Spider, Perro Bravo and Falling Idols, giving Hamapple its old school backbone while their Vocalist gives them a more youthful attitude and energy. Playing fast paced punk that will get the crowd moving. At the same time bring you catchy songs that you can sing along too.

Releasing their first full length LP “Radically Left Out” in 2021 as a follow up to their split EP with Sick Surreal along with multiple comps. With another full length on the way (Long Beach Records/Skunk Records). Hamapple has kept busy touring in Germany, Costa Rica, Luxembourg, Mexico, and the U.S. With the ability to fit in with many different styles of music, they have had the opportunity to play numerous festivals and shows. Such as The So-Cal Hoedown, Up the Punks Festival, Long Beach United and more. Along side national acts like Suicidal Tendencies, Fishbone, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, TSOL and Face to Face to name a few.

With songs like “Revolution” touching on issues like the political climate. To party sing along anthems like “I Like Drugs” Hamapple is the perfect soundtrack for a summer beach festival or a dark beer-soaked pub.

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