Frode Holm is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, keyboardist and producer who came to Santa Barbara, California over 20 years ago with a successful music career in his suitcase. His main focus in the US has been on music software technology, but he has kept on writing and producing music. In 1999 he released his first album in the US: the eponymously titled “FrodoCPU”, a rebirth of his Polydor recording nom de plume “HolmCPU”. In 2012 he came out with the much acclaimed “Power Of Two” album.

Now, he’s ready, once more, to take on the world with his third release as FrodoCPU, titled “THIRD”. It features the same signature songwriting, production and world-class musicianship for which the first two albums became renowned – a true feast for the discerning ear with a taste for sophisticated pop songs!

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