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Multitalented singer, songwriter, producer & actor, Francis Jocky is something of an enigma, an artist with universal appeal and blessed with a unique voice. Raised in Paris, France and now living in New York City, Francis Jocky has developed a sound that transcends borders.

He’s rapidly becoming an international personality, sharing the microphone with the likes of Bono of U2 and Stevie Wonder, just to name a few.

From an early age he learned to express himself through music and by the age of twelve had begun playing piano and writing his own songs. 

Francis Jocky has a wonderful duality as an artist, which probably has its roots in his combined educational and musical training. He is the recipient of a Ph.D. in International Relations from the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris, France, combined with being a critically acclaimed musician and artist.

Over the years, Francis Jocky continues to participate in high profile concerts. He was involved in the MIDEM music conference in Cannes and shared the stage with music genius Stevie Wonder (in Monte Carlo). The responses from the shows were overwhelming and the media hailed him “The New Sensation.” Thus he was invited to play the Nemo Music Festival (as part of the Boston Music Awards). Francis is also involved with the festival “Tout le Monde Chante“, which takes place twice a year in Paris at the mystic Olympia Hall and in Aveyron (the South of France). The festival showcases France’s entertainment VIP’s, all participating for a non-profit organization which helps children with cancer.

While his recorded music is remarkable, live performances are his strength. During a live performance with Bono, Bono remarked, “Francis, you are a star!”

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