FireLight is a "wonder where they've been hiding" kind of five member band of musicians playing acoustic and electrtic guitars, bass, drums with tight vocal harmonies.  Their backgrounds are varied but include southern gospel to heavy metal rock with years of combined experience.  Their forte is contemporary Christian with a driving southern rock flavor.  They enjoy inspired driving foot stomping hand clapping, joy jumping praise but know how to enter into intimate hands raised in surrender worship as well. 

The band now known as FireLight was started by Mike and Vickey Snow.  Mike was born with music in his bones.  He started singing and playing guitar at family gatherings when his Poppy Bella would pass the hat for donations to get the next bicycle or ball bat or whatever the deemed need was.  He has been a part of some very well known local rock bands, southern gospel quartets and even a stent with a country band in DogPatch, Arkansas where he opened up for TG Shepherd.  Since Mike has surrendered to the Lord he has traveleld the northern continent ministering and singing the songs given and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Vickey grew up in a family whose only entertainment was to sing and play musci at someone's house until the wee hours of the morning.  Mike and Vickey were singing together as a praise team even before the Lord joined them in marriage.  Now they love to sing praise and lead people into the presence of God in local churches, most recently the Great Harvest Church in Pocahontas, Arkansas.  They've been blessed to partner with the Power of Freedom Ministry dedicated to the rehabilitation of men with drug and alcohol addictions.  They have enjoyed partricipating with World Vision in raising funds for others in countries who are less fortunate and raising funds and awareness for Teen Challenge.  They have most resently  joined with Project AK-47 to help rescue children from being kidnapped and forced into becoming child soldiers.  

Mike is lead singer and songwriter as well as lead guitarist.  Vickey is a singer and songwriter.  Rick Tribble has played druims for a long time before becoming acquainted with Mike.  He once said, "I don't know where or when but I know the Lord is going to have us play togehter in a Christian band."  Chris Smith plays guitar and bass and has played for years at a local assembly.  Scott Broadway plays bass, guitar and is a singer songwriter as well.  Before forming the band FireLight they all filled in playing for each other as the need arose.

They each come from very different backgrounds, but they all are ministers of Christ to the people.  They do not attend the same "church" but they are all called to be the chruch wherever they are and wherever He puts them. FireLight is a band of believers who love to sing, praise and play making a joyously clamorous noice to the Lord!

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