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Fingerprints formed in the mid 1970’s. The original lineup included Mark Throne on Vocals and Saxophone, Robb Henry and Michael Owens on Guitars and Vocals, Steve Fjelstad on Bass and Kevin Glynn on Drums and Percussion. Lead guitarist Robb Henry, in his late teenage years, had previously been a member of The Mojo Buford Blues Band, Mojo, the infamous Blues Harpist, who played with Muddy Waters on and off from 1953 until Muddy’s death in 1983.

Fingerprints members Michael Owens, Kevin Glynn & Steve Fjelstad founded Blackberry Way Recording Studios in the mid 1970’s, eventually merging with Paul Starks P. David Studio and went on to record The Replacements, The Trashmen and Soul Asylum to name a few. The Twin/Tone release “Big Hits Of Mid America Vol 3”, that includes two tracks from Fingerprints and recorded at Blackberry Way, is currently on display in The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The record label Blackberry Way Records was formed in 1984.

Jeff Waryan replaced Robb in 1979. His first gig with the band was two shows opening for Blondie at Jay’s Longhorn in Minneapolis. Afterwards Blondie hung out at Blackberry Way while Mike & Steve helped Jimmy Destri with a band he was producing in NY called Student Teachers.

The band was among the first three bands signed by Twin/Tone Records in 1978. The late Tim Carr, A&R at Warner Brothers, called Mike’s song Wasted On You, the best single song on the first three simultaneously released Twin/Tone EP’s. (The little Red Records-Fingerprints, The Suburbs and Curtiss A’s Spooks) Rave reviews followed internationally in Trouser Press, New York Rocker, New Musical Express UK, Minneapolis Tribune and many more.

In addition to dates with Pere Ubu, Blondie and Peter Hammill, Fingerprints headlined at the legendary Longhorn Bar, First Ave, Mothers in Chicago and other venues in the five state area including dates at Duffy’s with Mitch Ryder and Dwight Twilley. The band also headlined at The Walker Art Center Presents “The Cream Of The Crop” supported by Spooks (Curtiss A) and NNB. Fingerprints was also chosen as the first band paired with a movie in The Walker Art Centers Band and a movie in Loring Park, an event that lives on today. In 1979 Fingerprints performed at the M-80 Music Festival and shared the stage with The Fleshtones, Richard Lloyd, Devo and The Records. Devo rehearsed at Blackberry Way before the show. Fingerprints reformed for The Mill City Music Festival in 1999 performing on the KQRS stage following a wonderful set by Willie and The Bees. The festival featured 130 bands including Prince, Gypsy, Willie Murphy, Koerner, Ray and Glover, The Jayhawks, Semisonic and many others.

Fingerprints  reformed in 2019 to perform three sold out shows at The Parkway Theater in MPLS in support of the documentary “Jay’s Longhorn” about the infamous bar that in the late 1970’s was the Minneapolis counter point to New York’s CBGB’s. In addition to several vintage tracks by Fingerprints that were included in the documentary, the band got together and recorded “14 South 5th Street Blues” a song Owens composed about The Longhorn that closes out the documentary as the credits roll. Special guests on the track included Minneapolis stalwarts Curtiss A and The Suicide Commandos Chris Osgood. The track was included as a bonus track on Owens record “The Right Kind Of Crazy The documentary is currently competing in film festivals internationally. The Queen City Film Festival in Cumberland, Maryland awarded the film “Best Music in a Feature Film”.

In October 2015 Steve Earle spun Fingerprints track “Down” on his Hardcore Troubadour Radio Show on Sirius Radio.

10 out of 10 review

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    • Michael Owens

      Got my copy and love it! Ernest Roy Batson The Hypsters/Mighty Mofos
      The April Fools aren’t the only excitement at Blackberry Way Records.
      This re-engineered and remastered release is a phenomenal revelation from a band overlooked and underappreciated for too long.
      Listen, and then tell me who was better. I’ve said it for years; Fingerprints (and The Pistons) were the best of that whole era. Incredible. Brian Drake The April Fools

      Favorite thing today. FINALLY the long lost Fingerprints album comes out with plenty of extra’s. A GUITAR band with a capital G. Part of the late 70’s early 80’s Minneapolis scene along with Curtiss A, The Replacements, The Flamin’ Ohs, The Suburbs, The Suicide Commandos, NNB, Safety Last and a multitude of others. Forgotten by many because the album didn’t come out, though they did have an EP on Twin Tone, cuts on the Twin Tone collection, Big Hits..
      They probably listened to more Roxy Music than the Sex pistols. But man did they rock. Lots of songwriters in the band.
      Pick up this release if you have any interest in the Minneapolis scene back then. Fingerprints were an important part of it. Thanks Mike Owens for getting this out. Steve Klemz

      Fingerprints releases ‘lost’ Twin/Tone LP
      Fingerprints — one of the stalwart bands from the Jay’s Longhorn era — have released a 24-song CD of songs they recorded in 1977-79, newly restored and remixed. “Where the Beat Goes On” is referred to as the “lost” Twin/Tone LP, as its release was highly anticipated at the time, but Fingerprints broke up before the recordings went to press. Now it’s available for purchase from Blackberry Way and Twin Cities record stores. Mark Engebretson
      Hi, I am pleased to be playing a track from “Where The Beat Goes On” by The Fingerprints on my Radio Seagull programme tomorrow (13th) 17.00 to 19.00 CET (16.00 to 18.00 UK Time) and again Sunday (14th) 05.00 to 07.00 (04.00 to 06.00 UK Time). The track I picked is “Now I Want To Be A Space Girl”. Good luck with the album release!
      At long last, the lost record by FINGERPRINTS?
      This is simply incredible. These guys are a very big reason the Twin Cities are known for being a music Mecca. Jon Clifford Hi Fi Records

      Just picked this up @ HIFI …it fucking rawks!!!! Troy Kane
      It’s what is playing in my van right now. Great Rock ‘n Roll! The van is in Provence, France so it’s getting international play. Doug Rassmusson
      Fantastic record!! Dave Aquilina
      It’s really good stuff! And really tight. ‘Mad Dave’ Benson
      Mike you are an amazing guitarist!!! That Fingerprint’s album… O M G – good!! Jeff Miletich
      Sounds freaking INCREDIBLE!!! Vive la Fingerprints!! Zack Norton
      Long Live Fingerprints Bruce Browning

      Loved Fingerprints! Terry Rindal

      Yes! This needs any push it can get, cuz it’s pretty GREAT! Marty Kearney

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