1.How can I hire a DJ?
You can Search on the Google map for Djs in your area, or you can contact us, we will provide you with the closet Dj for hire. You can contact each DJ by sending a message to them via phone, Facebook/Twitter and email. you can ask them directly how much their charging for hired work.

2.Why is the DJs free?

You need Djs to get your music heard, as a artist the more DJs you have playing your music the better.

3.How do I pay for main page features?
Contact us at [email protected]

4.How can I be a featured DJ and get more gigs.
Contact us at [email protected]

5.Do you offer refunds?
Depends on you and the the dj agreement.

6.How do I get on the 50 Artist 50 States mix-tape?
Buy a beat from us at myfla.sh/rs8e3 or 50producers50states.com. Then record your track, and send it to [email protected].

7.How do I get on 50 Artist 50 States radio?
Send your track or single to [email protected]. If your song is accepted,you will receive an email with further instructions.

8.What genres or songs do you accept?
We accept all hot tracks.

9.Are you responsible for the DJ, agreements, no-shows, hosting?
No, we don’t interfere with personal agreements between you and any DJ on this site. You are responsible for every agreement. I recommend you sign a contract and use PayPal for every payment you make towards any DJ Hire. After completion of work you can visit the website and rate your experience. We have a Crown rating for all Djs.



Artist Questions

1. How do I upload music?

You can visit apps.50djs50states.com to upload music or submit to [email protected] for special offers we provide monthly.

2. How does this promotion work?
 When you can get a single upload, that’s all it is “Single Upload.” All song uploads comes with a free google index to search engines and a google map index that’s worth a lot more than the song upload price. Look at the song upload as an Artist verification. If you looking for daily promotion submit for the mixtape placement promotion.
3. Why isn’t their any stats on the website?
 We like to keep everything equal and fair for all artist on our website, with no stats you can’t judge the process of any artist. Its a movement after all so everyone is equal.
4. Do you offer refunds?
You have one day to request a refund after 24 hours has passed in your song is on the website we don’t offer any refunds.
5. How does the Mixtape promotion work? 
 If you purchase a slot the process can take up to 60 days. We try to release a new Mixtape every month. When you pay one month you can expect to be feature on the next month Mixtape or the month after that. “30/60 days turnaround”
6. Do you offer refunds for Mixtape placements? 
 Yes. But you have two weeks to request the refund. After two weeks we don’t offer any refunds, by that time the process has already started for the marketing and graphic designs.
7. Who do you guys promote to? Does this work?
 We promote to over 500k+ real people via social media, we also promote the mixtapes daily and most of the Mixtapes stay on our main page for a whole year. We also submit the mixtapes for radio, blogs and major label promotion considerations.

8. Do I keep full rights to my song?

Yes. We don’t sell artist music or publish it in anyway. You also have the option of having your song downloadable or not.

If you have any questions that’s not on here text me at directly 2166597542

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