Born Endre Eugene Edwards to Maxwell Edwards and Yvonne Young in Jamaica Kingston
Growing up in music is the first thing i can say. In Jamaica we listen to all kinds of music and even created reggae.
My favorite artists are Bob Marley,Dennis Brown,Michael Jackson.
When i was a child i can clearly recall mother singing with such a beautiful voice it was even more motivation for me.
We never had much but still i can’t complain because mom and dad did what they had to do to keep a smile on our faces..
Dad always drilled it in ‘never put all your eggs in one basket which basically means always try to have more than one alternatives or gateways to your destination.
Its so amazing to know how much a little determination can do.Experimenting and Developing,Conquering and Dominating.
The culture of Jamaica is strong and the struggle we face is the strength behind my passion and that is what kept me striving through all the hardships and the tears.
I started writing poems when i was nine years old and by the time i reached high school i was considered a poet by teachers and piers around me.
It was after high school that I really started singing and writing songs and that path lead me to learn everything i needed to know about entertainment.
Through constant training everyday my skills improved significantly and my confidence grew more and more..
I am now embarking on producing because i love to make hits and i know the world needs good music.
people say ‘Marveldust’ what does that mean?, i am just a sprinkle of marvel, marvel the world and the dust because i came from dust,we all are dust so i am Marveldust.
The road has been challenging,but through FAITH dedication and constant strive anything can be achieved.
My goal is to reach the top of the charts and STAY THERE, carve my name in history as one of the greatest

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