David and Tiffany’s story began in a High School Choir rehearsal. The boys and girls had separate classes and the only time they rehearsed together was after school. David was impressed with Tiffany’s musical prowess and her smile. They both had a rich love for music and it was that love of music that brought these two together. Initially friends, they spent hours together creating music on David’s karaoke machine. David had the beats and Tiffany had the harmonies.

We would write lyrics and record the melodies we were hearing in our heads. For us it was fun- David.

Their sound was birthed and perfected in those moments. David & Tiffany tried dating a couple of times in high school, but it wasn’t until David left for college that he knew he couldn’t imagine a life without his best friend Tiffany. That’s when they began building a future together that was more than the music.

A few degrees later he proposed, and she said yes. They are happily married with three children, Daveah, David Jr. and Amiyah. Music is still an important aspect of their lives.

Tiffany is a music educator. David serves as the Minister of Music at their church. They have continued to write and produce music for themselves and others.

It’s a real blessing to share my love for music with the man I love- Tiffany.

They both have unique sounds individually. David & Tiffany have both released solo efforts but when you put them together, the sound produced is captivating. With high energy musical arrangements, combined with complex harmonies, the sound fits together so perfectly that you hear the two as one.

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