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Upcoming artist Crunch is on a journey of presenting the audience with the best essence of modern-day hip hop and rap with his song, “Lethal“. The song is set in the mood of a battle rap, that instantly captivates the listeners with his rhythmic verses and intense lyrical content. The artist makes sure that his thematic content is spot on as he delivers a lyrical verse that is unparalleled. The song is from his album Lethal  and comprises a thematic flow that is consistent and engrossing. With lyrics so relatable, it makes a significant impact as a cultural element in the scope of hip hop and rap. The audience is always looking for music that they can resonate with in terms of music as well as lyrics. This song in particular caters to all kinds of audience demand and allows them to enjoy musical recreation like no other. 

You’ve seen Los Angeles rapper Crunch in Tupac Shakurs music videos, “Holla If You Hear Me”, “I Get Around” and “Keep Your Head Up”. Crunch was Tupac’s photo double on John Singleton’s movie Poetic Justice, starring Tupac and Janet Jackson. Crunch is driving the mail truck and doing the fight scenes. Now Crunch presents himself, It’s Crunch Time!

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