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Born to a musician and a playwright in the busy city of Atlanta, GA, Cece was bound to succumb to her family’s generational blessing of distinctive creativity. At the age of 4, she found herself being selected amongst a group of her pre-K peers to sing a duet with another student due to her seemingly innate ability to match the pitch of any sound she heard. She soon fell in love with writing; begging her parents for notebooks and journals every chance she got. Her love of music followed shortly after, and once she realized she could combine her two greatest passions, her pursuit of music became unstoppable.

Cece began writing music at the tender age of 7 and would soon become proficient enough at the piano to add music to her lyrics. By the age of 12, she was writing complete songs with full musical arrangements. This led her to beginning her professional career in 2019 when she released two inspirational singles with the hope of encouraging Kingdom citizens to trust God to complete a magnificent work in their lives, regardless of how their situations may seem. Since then, she has continued to write inspirational and congregational pieces in the form of both Urban Contemporary Gospel and Gospel Hip-Hop.

Cece graduated from UNCW in 2020 where she founded and directed UNCW’s Gospel Choir, The Sovereign Voices of Worship, for several years. If you didn’t know her from class, then you knew her as the girl who would sit in the university’s student center and play Praise and Worship music on the piano. She now works under the leadership of national recording artist Todd Dulaney as a Project Manager for Dulaneyland Music where she thrives in assisting other artists with their music.

There are many ways to describe Cece as an artist: unique, intentional, and charismatic. But above all of these things, her work is genuine. She writes and ministers authentically with reverence to the direction of the Holy Spirit; combining art, story, song, and Spirit in perfect unison.

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