Candy Rose is an unsigned, independent Singer/Songwriter from London, U.K. She writes/co-writes all her material and has many influences, from the Late Great Michael Jackson to Madonna to Nirvana to Alicia Keys and Fall Out Boy to name a few. She is an avid fan of Patrick Stump – so much so, she wrote a song about him – and has been tipped as one of the U.K Artists to watch and keep listening to. She is not restricted in her genre or style of music and her works feature something for all.

When the voice of Candy Rose was heard over the airwaves for the first time following the release of her debut single, So You Know in 2009, little was known about her as no public photos had been taken of her at the time, and interviews had only taken place over the radio.

Despite the mystique surrounding her, her debut album A Rollercoaster Love created a huge buzz resulting in radio exposure worldwide and rave reviews.

Candy Rose has since revealed her face to the public, had a string of successful gigs in and around London, won various national and international awards, had her songs played in major retail branches and clubs, performed at the Miami Music Festival, becoming a proud Olympics Ambassador for her home city London, having her music used in various movies – most recently Magic Mike XXL; DVDs, TV shows – BBC Click and ad projects, as well as had a photo shoot with Andy Fallon who has worked with the likes of The Killers and Morrissey to name but a few.

Her works have been featured in over 40 compilations, which have all been in the top 10 around the world. She has just released The Best featuring Ian-Massa Harris and is also currently working on something new – which many hope will be the long-awaited second album, from the lady fondly dubbed “The Queen of Hooks”.

All music by Candy Rose is available from i-Tunes, Amazon, CD baby, all digital platforms. CDs are rarely printed so they have become collector’s items and can only be found on very limited sites such as Amazon, CD baby and select few retailers

And for the social site like facebook, twitter, instagram etc, just add /icandyrose (@icandyrose) and follow/like/share

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Some Buzz? Here’s what some are saying about Candy’s Music:

“Escapism Featured on BBC Click’s Webscape – Kate Russell “You’re a very talented singer”

Kate Russell – BBC Click – Webscape

“Candy Rose has diversified to various audience markets over her career to date but, I think she has now found her niche with this EP – (Hooked On You EP). Can you deliver is my favourite and I hope this delivers success to her.”

— Graeme Logan – Host/DJ/Presenter, Leith FM

“Fizzling eclectic girly Pop!” – NME Magazine

” Queen of Hooks! Candy Rose Knows how to draw you in. She knows how to create a beat that moves the heart and a rhythm that frees the soul. Her album, A Rollercoaster Love, will grab hold of you and take you on a ride you will never forget.”

– Zack “The Mothman” Daggy – Producer, DJ, Radio Host and Author – Album Review of A Rollercoaster Love

“Dance gems Abound on this quick shot disc of 7 club tracks from budding London Artist, Candy Rose. After listening to Candy Rose’s Meet You In The Club for the first time, there will never be a last. It’s that hot.”

– Michael Morgan – Producer and Host of Indie Soup Runner’s Edition. Album Review – Meet You In The Club

“Though the Artist herself remains elusive for the time being, that hasn’t stopped her from garnering a real fan base here at Vox Africa”

Vox Africa – AfroBuzz London Fashion Week edition

“This album embraces pop music in all its forms, from dance music for the clubs to post-punk rocking out” – Jason Randall Smith, Album Review – A Rollercoaster Love

“Hypnotic electro beats that leave you asking; who is Candy Rose?”

– James Sherwood, Producer and Presenter of AfroBuzz in English

“After listening to Candy Rose’s music I sat back and said to myself there’s a great artist in the making… I think Candy Rose is a rising star who writes and sings great stuff, one day I’d like to see Candy Rose at number one on the UK chart.”

– Nev Eaglen, DJ and presenter, Gravity FM – Radio Station

“Candy Rose – A Rollercoaster Love… Lady Gaga has competition”

Fly Fm Student Radio – Fly FM

“’The whole album is top-notch! From dance, to R&B, to rock, Candy Rose covers all genres and covers it WELL! The only thing I keep asking myself and like to ask her: Where have you been all this time?!’”

The Dutch Guy – Fast-Moving Radio Personality – Cool FM 105.3/107.7 – The Nethe – Cool FM 105.3/107.7 – The Netherlands

“ Candy Rose is not only talented and real, but her music moves you. She is a phenomenon and one to watch.”

Diane Broomfield – WDGP Radio

“Candy Rose’s music is like candy, keeps me coming back for more! Her song ‘You are everything’ is so sugary sweet and delicious, it’s a song I never get tired of listening to! Candy’s voice is infectious and the beats have my toe tapping from the start of the song. Looking forward to seeing her bring it all to life in her live show!”

– Les Zaldor, DJ and presenter, Bounce Radio and Zaldor’s World

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