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Russell Thomas

Russell Nicholas Thomas is a St.Lucian Reggae Artist and singer-songwriter, based in San Antonio Texas.  Russell developed a passion for singing and composing at an early age. He started singing at the Saltibus parish church choir. Russell is al... read more



Summer Payton is an R&B singer, songwriter, musician and producer from Chicago, Illinois. Surrounded by music from an early age, Summer picked up the piano by ear and learned from her father, a musician in the church. A childhood of being bullied... read more



Upcoming artist Crunch is on a journey of presenting the audience with the best essence of modern-day hip hop and rap with his song, “Lethal“. The song is set in the mood of a battle rap, that instantly captivates the listeners with his ... read more


n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo

n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo is a Houston, TX-based Experimental Hip Hop and Soul Artist. He is the creator of the Christian Hip Hop Series, “The Codex,” which allows him the opportunity to share his gift of song. D’Vo harnesses his passion to serve God ... read more


Louden Swain

How many times have you wondered what have I gotten myself into? That’s the question Louden Swain is asking with their latest single – What I Got Myself Into.  Building on the momentum from the four singles they released in 2020, the new sing... read more


Melba Moore

Tony Award winner and four time Grammy nominee Melba Moore’s latest release “So In Love” is a venture with her daughter Charli Huggins on her new label The Gallery Entertainment from her forthcoming album entitled “IMAGINE” Nov 3, 2021- New York... read more


Hip Culture

I was born in Sicily, immigrated to Canada when I was a little boy and my parents settled first in Kitimat B.C. Then for a brief stint in Montreal. We finally ended up in Oshawa Ontario where I grew up. I now live in Stouffville Ontario. My roots and insp... read more

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