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Andy Michaels

Andy has such soul inspiring music! (Q108 Radio – Canada, Oct 2017) “Poet, composer, singer and guitarist, Andy is a wonderful breath of fresh of fresh air in a somewhat cynical and tumultuous musical world.” (Coastal Times, WA) Andy has est... read more



2017 is year #4 as Sarantos keeps working hard continuing to release a new song, music video and book chapter every month. In three years, he has released 6 albums with 85 original tracks as well as 3 fiction/fantasy books that parallel the songs!   ... read more


Stephanie Hava

Stephanie Hava is a Jamaican singer-songwriter, music producer, model and entrepreneur; born in the parish of St. Catherine on November 15 and raised in the country‟s capital, Kingston. Her sound may best be described as reggae fusion; incorporating the... read more


Aria Nichols

Dubbed the Adele of Trap music, Aria Nichols is an exciting up-and-coming artist, ready to take the Electronic music world by storm. Raised in New Zealand, but based in Dubai, Aria kick-started her musical career during her final year at medical school. ... read more


online music promotion services

Here’s How You Can Promote Your Music Online Every DJ wishes to make a mark in the music industry as well as gain a strong online fan base. To achieve these goals, it is imperative to opt for online music promotion services. As a musician, you may not b... read more


Efficient Music Promotion Platform

Music Promotions – Catch Your Big Break In Music Industry There are scores of artists across the globe who make incredible music every day. Yet, very few of them manage to get to share their music with the world. The best way for up-and-coming indep... read more


Upload Your Music On 50djs50states ...

Upload Your Music On 50djs50states To Kick-start Your Music Career In today’s virtual world, it’s become rather easy to share one’s music with the world. However, it is imperative to share your music via trustworthy mediums. And, 50djs50states provi... read more


Best mixtape upload sites

Music – A Form of Magic That Strikes Straight to the Heart   Music, as we all know, is all time mood booster. It is a form of magic that strikes a person directly to his/her heart. It has the ability to help a person forget all the problems for... read more


Upload Your Music Online To Get Dis...

Upload Your Music Online To Get Discovered The question that most independent musicians ask themselves is where they should upload music online to be able to reach out to listeners worldwide and attract real fans and followers. While uploading music onlin... read more


upload your mixtape

Rightly Said, Words Fail, and Music Speaks   It is very rightly said that when one fails to express something in words, music says it all. Music has a very strong connection with a person’s heart; it can help him heal no matter what the situation i... read more

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