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Young G Freezy

Young G Freezy is a rap artist from Toronto Ontario Canada. He is part of Migos and works heavily with the southern Atlanta Rap Scene. He has worked with Snoop Dogg, DMX, UZI Vert, Crook$, Zaytoven and j money. He has released 13 studio albums. He has a S... read more


Taj World Records-Freaky Secret

          Taj world Records Taj world records is a New Jersey based record company created in 2012. The founder is Luxland, It is an independent label that consist of various artists from different independent music labels based i... read more


Team Cuzzo-Famo




Originally from the Philadelphia area (Norristown PA). Skully found himself influenced and inspired by the sound of 90’s music. East coast and West coast hip hop was predominant to his musical foundation. The south had yet to emerge as the powerhous... read more


Yemi Alafifuni

A new gospel recording artist, Yemi Alafifuni, based in the Kent area of the United Kingdom. He is a UK based gospel singer and songwriter and as a young artist, he wants to reach the world with inspiring and Jesus centered gospel music. “The soulfully... read more



Artist Biography Behind S.O.S is Sophie Debattista, a 22-year-old Anglo-Maltese singer, songwriter, producer and busker. She was originally born in Malta and it was there where she established her passion for music. Throughout her late teens, Sophie was... read more


Darryl C.


Empress Akua

Emprsess Akua Great great granddaughter of Aboriginals of New Guinea and Native Cherokee Indians,in the tradition of her phenomenally successful sisters in spirit, Lauryn Hill, Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt, this “Sweet Messenger’s divinely inspire... read more


Lamontiz aka Kid Crab

Milwaukee-born Kid Crab aka Lamontiz began his hip hop career in the mid 80’s winning first place in a midwest regional talent contest. Joining forces with Speech and Strick, the trio of teenagers rapped, recorded and toured the midwest as FRESH WAL... read more