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Davide Martini


Jon Rodgers Expression

Jon Rodgers; formally a featured singer with the ROCK’N ROLL HALL OF FAME GROUP The Platters has had an out standing single career as well. Now you can own Jon Rodgers latest CD ‘VIBRATION’ Enjoy the unique singing style of this interna... read more


LaShun Pace

LaShun Pace  is an American gospel singer, Stellar Award winner, and evangelist. Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1961 and raised in a small community called Poole Creek, Pace first emerged during the mid-1970s, performing alongside her siblings in the... read more


One World 1 Love featuring Guylaine

Stand UP for World Peace One World 1 Love “featuring” Guylaine Winner Best Pop EP ‘One World 1 Love’ has that ineffable magic which characterizes the best EP’s to herald from what many now concede is the hardest genre to comm... read more


J.D. Black



NexXzit, (pronounced next exit), is Marguerite aka Margo, Michael aka Ge’down, and Ron aka Rio. We are Producers, Musicians, Songwriters and Performers. Our originality and creativity are attributes of our natural and acquired talents and lots of hard w... read more


Oliver Sean

Latest News: The MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee, whose music RollingStone Magazine called “its like the Eagles have hired Jack Johnson for some lessons on lightening up” has surprised fans with his stripped down acoustic rock set up and sound across ... read more


DJ Funsize

      DJ Funsize started djing with humble beginnings in NJ at 16 doing private parties for friends and family. 

Once in college Funsize career continued to grow mixing at campus house parties building him the reputation of Kean Univer... read more



Malibu, California   Great songs spring from the educated heart and soul. Sometimes that education is the long and roundabout journey of life. For singer/songwriter Matia, a serious illness in her earlier years pulled her far away from her music, her... read more


Sarah Khatami

NEW ARTIST SARAH KHATAMI RELEASES DEBUT SINGLE AND MUSIC VIDEO, “DARKNESS” BOSTON, MA, August 11, 2017 — Emerging young pop/R&B artist, Sarah Khatami released her debut single, “Darkness,” this week on iTunes and all streaming pl... read more