Alexandra Mussard was born on December 23, 1980 in Saint-Pierre on Reunion Island. She was introduced to music by her parents at an early age, especially by her father who was a keyboardist.

The young Alexandra began her musical education at the age of 8. She quickly joined the regional conservatory of Reunion Island and became second violin in the youth orchestra. She thus discovered the thrills of performing to sold-out audiences. This experience led her to give many performances, including outside Reunion Island.


Alexandra also liked to sing. Like many teenagers, she enjoyed imitating her idols in her room. She discovered great singers such as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Her room became a rehearsal space with posters of her idols on the walls.


Very quickly, her vocal abilities spread beyond the walls of her room. She is invited to participate in musical projects as a back-up singer with artists from Reunion Island. She is back on the big stages again. This is the spark that triggered her desire to enter the professional world of music. She then decides to perfect and improve her voice. She also began to write her first songs and set them to music.


We often tell our children to concentrate on their studies because we cannot live off music. Alexandra reluctantly decided to put music aside at her parents’ request to pursue a brilliant university education. She left her family and Reunion Island in 2001 for metropolitan France. The Reunionese woman tenaciously obtained her Master’s degree in Resources at the University of Montpellier. During her university years, she joined a GOSPEL group in the Hérault region with which she gave more than a hundred performances. Whenever she can, she does variety show castings and eventually, she gets an audition for Pascal Sevran’s Chanter La Vie in 2003. This audition did not allow her to reach her goal: to sign with a record company.


In 2005, Alexandra returned to Reunion Island and focused on her new, more “classic” life, a life devoted to work and family. She gave birth to three children Lucas, Léa and Lisa. Music was still present. She worked with a pianist and gave many performances on Reunion Island.


On October 25, 2017, a tragic event disrupted this quiet life. She is travelling in Asia and barely escapes a serious accident. While walking around the city, a mad bus took a number of lives in the middle of the day. Alexandra barely had enough time to get to safety. This dramatic event will profoundly change her.

Back on Reunion Island, she decided to resign and put an end to a busy professional life in order to devote herself to writing her first album. She surrounded herself with a team that was totally dedicated to her project and worked hard for a whole year to write and compose the 11 tracks of her first album. In January 2019, the single “Un Peu de Nous” was released. Her album ” I’m Still Here ” will be released in June 2019. An electro-acoustic album with texts in French and English.

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